Project and Employee Tracking Software as a final year Project for University Students

Project management is the art of managing the project and its deliverable with a view to produce finished products or service.Main idea of this project is to track the employee performance and keep on track each project progress want to make this project to help the organization staff and project related activities. This software will be useful application to track and maintain company staff scheduling activities in systematic way. Software easily manages all in/out details, shift records, leave details, training records and other details of employees and for each project activity.Project management includes: identifying requirements, establishing clear and achievable objectives, balancing the competing demands from the different stakeholders and ensuring that a commonality of purpose is achieved.

  • Project and Employee Tracking Software

Project Tracking’ is web applications which can be maintain the details about the followings.

  • You can maintain the track of the projects and details of Employees , Clients to whom the project has been assigned.
  • When client/employee logins then He/She can view details of the project , starting date and ending date of the project.
  • In New Employee Registration link you can add new employees
  • track employee office timing and his performance for specific project
  • As a boss you can view all employee performance in charts.

Add and View Clients, Employees, Managers and their tasks.


project and employee tracking software


  • Why this project is important

This Project Tracking Software tells you if your project is on track. The dashboard offers the latest in Project Tracking technology. It shows you the health of each project, your progress against schedule and the total spend to date. Using these Project Tracking features, you can see whether your project is on track. The Project Tracking System goes one step further by providing you with intelligent reports for Project Tracking, so you can keep an eye on the status of your project, at any time.


  • Scope of this final  year Project Idea

In Present System can maintain one organization. In that can be consists of all details of the social works.

  • Its Not Time Consuming
  • It Doesn’t Consumes lot of manpower to better results
  • Data Security
  • Retrieval of data is easy.
  • Percentage of accuracy is faster
  • Reports doesn’t take much of time to produce
  • Record actual hours and Estimated Time to Complete (ETC)
  • Also includes non-project time entry, note entries and document attachments
  • Measure the productivity and/or profitability of each team and project
  • Know what’s working and what’s not
    • Gives real-time revenue and cost overviews for your clients, projects, resources, etc.
    • Make proactive decisions and take action sooner, faster as opposed to “after the fact”.
    •  Automate charge backs or billing based on a reflection of your organizational.
    • Eliminate the spreadsheets you have been using to pull together different information about different teams in different places.
    •  Project Trackingsoftware provides a standardized, centralized environment that will collect and consolidate data in real-time through configurable dashboards and management reports. No matter how dispersed your project workforce is.
  • Quick implementation; light project planning software system that takes a few minutes to setup
  • Totally Web-based software
  • Track projects against baselines and monitor schedule variance
  • Earned Value Analysis (EVA)
  • A variety of schedule views including Gantt, calendar views, etc.

track your employee performance

MODULES of this project:

It can be consist of 4 modules.

  • Admin.
  • Manager.
  • Client.
  • Employee
  • HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS for this Application
  • RAM : 128MB

Software requirements for this Application


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