World Largest Diamond Elephant Bird Picture with Price

Today I am sharing very interesting news with you all its news in media that an egg laid by elephant is has more price than the precious an expensive price got higher then classy and exclusive diamond.
An enormous, part of the way fossilized egg laid by a now-terminated elephant winged animal has sold for more than twofold its gauge at a London closeout. Practically nine-inches in distance across egg brought 66,675 pounds ($101,813). It had been esteemed at 20,000 to 30,000 pounds pre-sale, and was sold to an anonymous purchaser via phone after around the range of 10 minutes of aggressive offering.


Flightless, fruit-gobbling elephant birds resembled giant ostriches and could grow to be 11 feet high (3.4 meters). Christie’s says their eggs are 100 times the size of an average chicken’s.
Madagascar, an island off the East Coast of Africa, was home to the species –the biggest that ever existed. It laid such gigantic eggs that 120 chicken eggs could fit inside only one of them. Yet the winged animal was chased to elimination between 300 and 400 years back.
The scoring offer came in by telephone, so it’s obscure who the champ was or where the egg is going, yet there are some delightful examples as of recently out in the open storehouse gatherings in the U.S.Today we share with you world largest diamond and its looks like egg but this is world most expensive heavy weight diamond.

world-largest-diamond-picture-2013 2014
This unique egg is sold at high price just in 10 minutes and people were also amazed that this elephant egg has been auction more than the expensive diamond. This egg is too much expensive because this is an egg of very unique bird historical bird. We share with you world most expansive heavy weight diamonds and this is latest pictures of world biggest diamond of egg shape.

world-most-expensive-diamond-of-world-2013 2014 picture

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