Naki Sumo Japan’s Crying Baby Contest Pictures 2013-2014

Weeping and crying as loudly as possible is not something most new mothers actively encourage in their babies. It’s something you try to avoid at all costs however in Japan, babies are cheered to cry and cry and cry However, at the annual Naki Sumo (crying baby contest) in Japan that is precisely the aim of the game. Excited mothers bring the babies to the event where Sumo wrestlers and high priests are on hand to coax babies into an irritated state of crying. It is really very interesting that small babies less than 1 year old to cry loud and loud and their parents pray for their good health.
The event, which marks the high point of spring, is held each year at the Sensoji Temple in Tokyo. The baby to cry loudest and longest wins the contest. The competition is also intended to generate good health for the babies. Babies get a chance to scream for a crowd instead of just for mom and dad. The annual tradition is meant as a prayer for the children’s’ healthy growth The ceremonial is believed to ward off evil spirits and moms are convinced that because the babies are held so high, their cries are closer to heaven and they’ll be blessed with good health. This interesting and different type of contest and it is held every year in japan it is their tradition which 400 years was very interesting contest for babies and parents and people like this contest a lot and specially mother enjoy the moments.So we share with you latest interesting news of the day. I hope you like this news.


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