World Most Interesting Dancing parrot Picture 2013 2014

Today I am posting very interesting news you must have seen and listen about dancing toys there are different types of toys in different shapes like some toys are of teddy bear shape some of in different birds shape. Such toys also sing and dance and attract the kids. But today I will tell you about the real parrot which dance in on real music and amazed the people around him. This parrot is really very beautiful it sits on his owner his shoulder and listens to music and moves his head and feathers according to the music. The parrot looks really very cute and is really very different type of parrot. We often listen about parrots which can talk and repeats the words after the person but this parrot makes you to dance with him.I think everyone love with birds and mostly people think that why GOD create bird at earth . i always answer to them GOD create everything beautifully like Sky is decorated with start and earth is decorated with flowers and flowers make a garden and garden can not be beautiful if there are no birds . So birds make this world more beautiful and voice of birds also give relief in stress.Parrot is one of the world beautiful bird and if you trained the parrot from starting then it can easily learn you native language and parrot can talk with you which make your moments of life more enjoyable.So today we share with you very interesting news about parrot . there is one parrot which can enjoy and dance at music beats.Parrot is very sensitive bird so you can to take care of their foods and environment. So if you love with birds then i hope you will like our post.


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