World longest moustache record indian man 2013-2014 Picture

It is said that the mustache is a sign of male pride. A pride that was lost in the western world. But not in other parts of the world especially in east side like In India, mustached men levy more a new record has been made by Indian man Ram singh chauhan of Jaipur Rajasthan. He is known for his longest moustache world record. Ram singh chauhan started growing his mustache from year 1982 and after that he never cut down his them and tries to grow them as possible as he can. Ram singh chauhan said that he was just crazy to make this record worldwide and finally he got success.

In 2010 his name was written in Guinness book of world record in Italy when his mustache was 14 feet long which has now been increased to 18 feet which the longest mustache grown by anybody in the world and Ram singh chauhan has took almost 35 years to grow such a long moustache which sets the longest mustache world record as well.
Many other men from all over the world are asking the secret of growing that much long mustache from Ram singh chauhan and he said that it was really tough for him to maintain long moustache it also disturbed him in his daily life but he never lose hope and use many types of different oils and herbal products to make them grow longer and longer.
This the one of the awesome world record set by an Indian man and which would take a long time for some other person to break.You have seen before many different types of moustache but you have not seen mustache like Ram singh chauhan whose moustache is declared world longest mustache and now he has plan to make the world longest beard record. there are two female maid which help him to clean and to put oil at this moustache.Ram singh chauhan is the of person who has world longest and stylish Mustache.Now many international companies which are making trimming machine for beard and moustache style want to hire Ram singh chauhan for their commercial. Ram singh chauhan got popularity all other the world due to his stylish moustache.

  • World longest mustache record indian man 2013-2014 Picture



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