Latest Eye Makeup Styles 2013-2014

Make up styles like other fashions and trends and it also keep on changing with time. Ladies always keep on searching the best style of eye makeup because eyes are the most prominent part of the face that affects your personality. It is said that eyes show the relic of the soul. Eyes are the blessing of God and the most delicate part of the face as well. Eyes is the most attractive and sensitive part of our face. Eyes are known as a front door to the soul that shows you inner beauty. Makeup can make the eyes more gorgeous and beautiful. If something goes wrong with eyes, the whole face gets ugly. So it is necessary to do the makeup of the eyes very carefully. There are different trends of eye makeup for different shapes of the eyes, which need different colors to be applied in different ways. There is a need to apply eye colors with care. There are different make up trends for different eye shapes and eye color. There are many females and even young girls who have the small sized eyes and at the end they have to stay behind their eyes as simple and plain. Well such women are not aware from the fact that even the small eyes can also be made beautiful with makeup. There are many women who are not much aware from the hazel eyes. Well hazel eyes are such eye shades that are very much witness in the women including brown, grey or gold. Such eyes are considered to be one of the most essential ingredient items for the beauty. But when such eyes are filled with the makeup strokes then they would additionally appear to be much stunning looking and quite attractive. In this article we are mentioning some of the main eye makeup tips 2013-2014.There is no doubt about the fact that eyes are the attractive facial appearance of the body and when the eyes are fabulously filled with makeup then it seems like all the seven stars have been brimming on the face.


  • Easy Makeup Tips For girls 2013-2014

here you can learn the easy makeup tips. it is light color eye makeup which often girls like to do. it really gives very attractive look to your is one of the glamorous styles eye makeup.


if you are going to some evening party then this light golden with black shadow is the best option you can use this makeup style different colors of dresses mostly party dresses have the touch of little golden in them and from this picture you ca easily learn how to do the impressive eye makeup.


Peacock Eye Makeup is one of the most popular and highly recognized makeups that are enormously getting known amongst the women and teenage is also known as multi color eye looks very trendy and stylish.


It is beautiful dramatic eye looks really very nice and you can use different eye shades for make your eyes dramatic.Dramatic eye makeup is usually used for the models on ramps to make their eyes bold and attractive. This style isn’t for everyone. This type of eye makeup has a fading effect and is applied in a particular style.


  • Latest  Summer Eye Makeup Trends 2013-2014

Natural makeup is always in fashion and it looks cool. usually in summer ladies like to give natural look because it is really very tough to carry heavy makeup on face in summer.Some natural shades such as pinks, lavenders, pearl shades etc are used to just highlight the natural beauty of eyes.


if you are wearing red color dress then here is the tip to do the red eye makeup.


there are many things which are included in the eye makeup which ladies have to take care about like mascara, eye liner and eye shades so to make the your eyes more beautiful that you use all these things in proper way.


women were crazy about the smoky makeup.smokey eyes are all about looking attractive and much prettier. now days the fashion of  smokey eyes makeup is getting famous. Today every  girl no matter whether her eyes are small or large they always wished to make her eyes more beautiful with unique eye makeup. here are the detail steps that would help the girls in applying the smokey eyes makeup in proper manner and method.


  • Simple Eye Makeup style 2013-2014


it is also simple and decent eye makeup style. you can use this makeup style for casual get to-gathers.


here is the best tips to apply eye liner and kajol to the eyes.



tips to make your eyes look large.


beautiful black and sliver eye makeup style.





  •  Latest Spring eye makeup trends 2013-2014


Eye makeup is an essential part of a ladies makeup. Eyes are one of the best features of women. different type of eye cosmetics such as liners, eye-pencils, mascaras, eye shades and glosses are being used to make the eye more fabulous.


cat eye makeup is also in fashion these days so girls who are looking for different ideas for cat eye makeup then here you find it.


if you want to have shining eyes makeup then here you learn easily how to do the shining makeup.




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