Online Attendance System Project for Final Year-Project Students of Computer networks

At every level of your organization ,You need to take advantage of automatation wherever possible to maximize the effectiveness of your company. Utilizing Automation makes it easier to train people for complex tasks. Because of this, you are able to manage absences as mentioned above, or make smooth transitions when personnel change Managing your workforce in an efficient, fast and smart way can significantly improve your business in terms of profit and productivity. The purposes behind coordinating a automated time and participation framework will change relying upon your organization’s working examples and extraordinary necessities. Yet whatever the way of your business, you can rest guaranteed that a period and participation framework and identified representative administration items will assist your organization run all the more easily and productively.

So integrated time and attendance system is very important for your organization. In market from many companies time and attendance system are available and two main companies like Kronos and crown companies are very popular in market there are making special embedded system for market.but attendance system are expensive so we have an idea to make a attendance system which is very cheap and easily manageable. First we want to introduce this attendance system at university and college level. Now utmost every student and faculty member has cell phone. So our idea is that which time is wasted for attendance that time should be utilize in constructive work that will be beneficial for both students and teacher.So this is unique idea for final year project student and this is best idea if you develop this system for your university.

student-automated-attendance system

Bluetooth Attendance System Provides teachers and faculty members of an Institution with an easy and efficient way to Take Attendance Using Bluetooth Device. Currently in institutes the attendance system is totally manual where faculty has to take attendance on register or page. This activity takes lot of time and efforts and still is not reliable. Registers and pages and be lost and multiple copies is very hard to keep. So there must be some system which can do this activity automatically without human intervention. Bluetooth Attendance System is software which automatically lock the attendance for students who all are available in class. First it locks the attendance and then it saves data in to the mysql database server.
What is scope of this project?
The objective and scope of this project is to provide an easy way to take attendance. It could be used in any Institution, School College or University and also in Private Firms. So This Project has a wide scope all over the world and specially this project has good scope for large scale business where make sure attendance and working hour of each employee is difficult. So this project has equal good scope for university, colleges, small enterprises and large organization.
How automated attendance system will work.

Every Student or Employee has a cell phone and almost all cell phones have facility of Bluetooth. Bluetooth devices of all students/employees are saved with their unique MAC address in database of software system. At attendance time all Students/employees turn on their Bluetooth device and on the other hand another Bluetooth device of System is turned on and searches for all saved devices within specific place and within few seconds it fulfill our requirement. Same process could be repeats within specific time period to ensure attendance. So in future we can put another good function in this application because in many big companies specially manufacturer companies where labour working at shift base. In this application we will add one function that when working hour will be complete then small beep will be start at labor person cell phone so that he will be knows exactly that his shift has been completed So this project can be use in many aspect.

What will be benefits of this online attendance system?
This is easiest, fastest and safest technology. By introducing this technology in your organization you can save time and this is cheap attendance system as compare to other attendance system like thumb impression attendance system.

This is latest idea for final year project student of university and college students and this final year project proposal is good for computer networks students, embedded system engineer students.


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