Latest Volkswagen iBeetle Car Model 2013 Review with Technical Specifications

The 2013 Volkswagen Beetle manages to pay proper homage to an icon of the past while still being thoroughly modern in important areas such as power-train, features and performance.

Today I share wit you latest Volkswagen iBeetle car model and we give you in detail user experience to drive this car and you can find in detail user review and technical specification of its engine. Volkswagen iBeetle is compact car with fabulous interior. Volkswagen iBeetle car model has reasonable price and this car is very popular among young couple because it is two door. So you can find new shape of Volkswagen iBeetle. People give very good remark about its new shape.this is fuel efficient car and gives you a luxury traveling experience.In silver color this car is popular among young guys.

The 2013 Volkswagen Beetle seats four and is available as a coupe or convertible. It is available in base, Turbo and TDI models, which offer a base five-cylinder engine, turbocharged four-cylinder engine and turbocharged four-cylinder diesel engine.


Volkswagen’s New Beetle has recently entered its second cycle, dropping the “New” from the name while looking increasingly like the old.

It’s less negligible than the final one, going without the dash-mounted vase and pulling on some marginally more viable socks.

It is, nonetheless, still a style-headed machine as opposed to a hatchback. Adolescent grown-ups and nostalgic unfilled nesters are the clear target showcases for this new cycle -they wouldn’t fret the modest secondary lounges and boot.


The Mexican-fabricated Beetle is as you’d want for a VW -tight as individual coach’s rear. It’s still unflinchingly retro, with an inner part that beholds once more to the first ever’s.

Relatively few organizations could escape with painted metal-look plastic topping on the dash without being denounced as penny-squeezing, yet the execution is just right.

The front seats are a little level, however are overall strong. Passage to the back seats is gently troublesome through the briefest entryways and once in there, you are not ruined for space -the styling and bundling of the long, slanting tail put paid to that.

latest-Volkswagen-iBeetle-car model 2013-2014

The seats are agreeable, nonetheless, for those under five feet tall. The front seats are alterable for tallness and the controlling wheel for tilt and arrive at. The lodge is trimmed in material. The itv and iwatch are some Apple advancements that have been gliding around the web as rumored prospective Apple items. Anyhow as of late, there has been some great news for the Apple fans out there as the i-car has arrived.

Fruit and Volkswagen have collaborated to transform the ibeetle. The vehicle was started at the Shanghai Auto Show and is relied upon to be accessible at some point in promptly 2014. It will be accessible in both car and convertible models. It is the first car to be completely incorporated with a cell phone at last, an iphone you can drive around.

The ibeetle is basically intended to speak to the look and feel of Apple items. The auto accompanies a customised application to run the auto and a docking station for the driver’s iphone. The reconciliation comes in the type of the iphone docking station, which works with an extraordinarily outlined application to gives the driver voice-actuated access to various kinds of cell phone characteristics.

It incorporates characteristics, for example streaming music through Spotify or itunes, ‘expert’, a framework that permits t

he iphone to control the auto’s frameworks and “Trainer” that thinks about driving times and effectiveness of diverse tracks. Different characteristics incorporate ‘reader’, which screens social media and different messages, “Postcard” that sends the auto’s area to companions for simple associations and “Photo” that permits you to take pictures of within the auto for posting on social media.


The auto will be accessible in seven colours, incorporating some that will match the iphone. It comes in colour plans, for example treat white, dark monochrome, profound dark pearl, platinum ash, reflex silver and oryx white. The inner part has ash tones, with dark cowhide game seats. No value has been proclaimed yet however it will be accessible for preorders later in the not so distant future. Volkswagen has taken consideration to add extraordinary plan touches to keep the ibeetle unique in relation to a normal auto.

It is electrifying to see that these last devices offer accommodation and state-of-the workmanship quality to make your existence as simple as could reasonably be expected. It makes the common movement of innovation from cell phones to autos reasonable and opens an universe of chances.

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