Latest and Best Technology Gadgets 2013

Technology is getting advance day by day and people are moving towards it rapidly. They want to benefit themselves with all the technological advancements. All over the world there are many companies like Samsung, Sony, HTC, Panasonic, Toshiba, Apple and many more which are introducing interesting and stylish technology devices in the market. All these inventions make our lives easier and give us style. Through the first six months of 2013, we’ve come across some of the newest and most innovative gadgets to ever hit the consumer market. As time is passing, shoppers became spoiled with the latest revolutionary smartphones, ultra books, and cameras. So as we reach the middle point, the time has come to rank the year’s best devices of the moment.

Latest and Best Technology Gadgets 2013

Here are the best Technology Devices 2013.

Samsung Galaxy NX

Now days Samsung is one of the leading technology company which is launching different types of machines like mobiles, tablets, laptops , televisions and many other things. Samsung Galaxy NX is one of the beautiful mobile models launched in the market in 2013.Merging gadget features without regard for the consequences, Samsung’s latest research is the Galaxy NX, a compact system camera running on Android, with 4G for easy shot-sharing. A 20.3-meg APS-C CMOS sensor with 100-25,600 ISO suggests the chance of pro-grade shots, and dual channel Wi-Fi kicks in should 4G or 3G be lacking. There’s also Bluetooth for more local sharing. Basically a camera that thinks it’s a phone, it’s not to be confused with Samsung’s Galaxy Zoom (p24), which is a phone that thinks it’s a camera.


Sony Smart watch 2
Sony is also one of the best has introduced many latest electronic machines. Sony Smart watch 2 is one of the latest technology gadget released in the market 2013.Pressing on with its wearable-tech revolution, Sony updates the Android-based smart watch that it unconfined to a repetition of creaks last becomes very famous among the people and it is about sold half a million worldwide since, the Smart watch 2 looks rightly superior, pairs via Bluetooth 3.0 and lets you read messages, control music and answer calls. The 1.6-inch, 220×176 displays is water- and dust-proof, with a “four-day battery life”.


sony smart watch 2013

Sony Xperia Z Ultra
It is one of the stylish and beautiful Sony mobile which is recently launched in the market. The Xperia Z size is a 6.3-inch, full-HD screen and a congenital disregard for the dangers of water it’s encased in waterproof aluminum and glass that lets it dive up to 1.5m. Protected inside sits a 2.2GHz quad core processor and there’s an eight-meg camera on the back. It may be big, but at just 212g it won’t sink like a stone. And at just 6.6mm thick it’s competing with Huawei’s Ascend P6 (p30) for the title of world’s slimmest smartphone.

Toshiba Excite Write
Toshiba is launching many stylish and easy to use high tech gadgets in the market. Toshiba is also becoming one of the leading company in the technology is selling attractive electronics in the market with enhanced and advance features. it’s now providing the one that comes built into Toshiba’s 10.1-inch, Android Jelly Bean-packin’ Excite Write. Scrawl notes on its 2560×1600 IPS display and cunning software decodes your script into neat digital text.1.9GHz Tetra 4 processor, 2GB RAM, micro SD slot, Gorilla Glass 2 screen protection, a choice of 16GB or 32GB, 3G or 4G variants, and a keyboard is one of the best tablet. it is very fast and also competing the latest tablets of apple and Samsung.



Sony Vaio Pro 13
Sony has launched one best technology gadget. Less than a trickle of ultra-book models can give the MacBook Air a run for its money and Sony’s latest build might be the closest of the select few. Racy, slim, and powerful, the world’s lightest 13.3-inch touch laptop is a multimedia brute that delivers attractive visuals on a colorful full-HD panel and outputs rich sound from its hinge-located speakers. With Intel’s new Haswell 4th Generation Core CPU at the helm, the Vaio Pro applies stronger processing speeds and booting times than most premium Windows 8 laptops. Its price is also reasonable about 1500$.

Sony Vaio Pro 13

Razer Edge Pro Gaming Tablet

Many people weather young and old love to use tablets because it is easy to use and comfortable to carry. This is best choice for the game lovers. Gamers have screamed for a device that can double as a gaming PC rig on the go. Low and behold, Razer went as far as to fulfill such a dream by unleashing the world’s most powerful tablet the Edge is fast, graphically excellent Housing a 1.9GHz Intel Core i7 CPU with 8GB of RAM, NVidias GeForce GT 640 LE GPU, and 256GB SSD under a stylish, bulky frame the slate bears the processing firepower to handle high-powered titles like Bio Shock Endless and Crysis 3 with ease. The Gamepad and docking station bring about a console-gaming feel that’s never been implemented on a is quite reasonable its price is about 1500$ so just go and have the real fun of playing games.


Epson Power Lite Home Cinema 5020

Many people love to watch movies at their home with their family and friends then here is good news for such people Epson Power Lite Home Cinema 5020 is affordable and you will get it at quite reasonable price. Its price is about 3000$ you can enjoy movies on this high tech home cinema. You can use this whether at your living room wall or the side of a project building, the Epson 5020 presents marveling 2D/3D picture quality recognized to its wide brightness range and exposure levels. Lights, camera, action.

Epson Power Lite Home Cinema 5020

Microsoft Surface Pro

When we talk about desktop computers then many different companies come into our mind but one of the best companies which click our mind is Microsoft. Recently Microsoft has launched one of its desktop in 2013 namely Microsoft Surface we all know desktops slowly disappearing out, the PC adaptable market continues to grow vastly and Microsoft’s tablet/laptop hybrid is getting popular among the people and leading the brigade. The Microsoft Surface Pro grows on the original elements that made the R/T version a success, while integrating stronger specs and improved multi-touch technology into the mix. An Intel Core i5 Ivy Bridge CPU with HD Graphics 4000 and 128GB SSD makes room for ultra-book-like performance, plus the Pro’s innovative Touch Cover endorses precise touch feedback that you will not find on most competitors. Its price is about 1000$ in UK, USA and is also available in Pakistan at 100000 rupees in Lahore at Hafez center.


VIZIO M-Series 80-Inch Razor LED Smart TV

There are many technology gadgets are introduced in the market which makes us supervise by their unbelievable functions and facilities. Here is one more best piece of latest technology A visually fabulous 80-inch HDTV priced lower than five impressive seems inconceivable these days. Vizio chose to go against the grain, equipping its new M-Series Smart TV with premium features, 3D capability, and heightened LED edge lighting. The set expands on Vizio’s Smart TV ecosystem by providing expansions such as prompt set-up and a full collection of popular multimedia applications plus Amazon Instant Video, Facebook, HuluPlus, Netfix and many more. Throw in its ultramodern design with sleek bezel frame you are looking. Its price is about 4000$ in USA, Dubai and is really one of the master piece.

VIZIO M-Series 80-Inch Razor LED Smart TV

MacBook Air 2013 Edition (13-inch)

MacBook’s are very popular in the world and people like it very much. There are many editions of MacBook launched in the market. The most recent edition is MacBook Air is really very fast and useful. Its price is 1100$.it is advancement to the MacBook Air line. Only this time around, Apple’s ultra-slim laptop is priced $100 less than its predecessor and carries Intel’s new fourth-gen CPUs to help achieve over 15 hours of battery life making it the longest-lasting portable PC around. The new features of MacBook are very is one of the fastest computing machines of the Apple. It also keeps complete its industry-best keyboard and touchpad, also supporting faster flash memory and enhanced graphics performance.


Olympus PEN EP-5

One of the latest technologies is Olympus retro-inspired camera possibly stands out as the top Micro Four Thirds shooter at the moment and the only one to feature a 1/8000S shutter speed, which until now was overlooked of such a device. Escorted by a 16MP sensor with five-axis stabilization system, the PEN E-P5 takes benefit of lightning-fast auto focus to produce some of the most detailed and enlightening shoots. Don’t be fooled by the camera’s misty presence, as it boasts a number of modern facets like Wi-Fi competence and oriented 1.04M-dot 3-inch touchscreen to view captured is really very nice and useful camera. Its price is 1000$. it is one of the best digital camera .people want to have high definition pictures then it is one of the latest digital camera model 2013. In Pakistan it is also available in few stores at Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.



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