New Toyota Land Cruiser-2013 Model Review, Engine Technical Specification with Price in Pakistan , India , USA, Singapore and Dubai

The 2013 Toyota Land Cruiser is an eight-passenger SUV available in a single, fully loaded trim level.Today in this article we cover the detail review of Toyota Land Cruiser-2013.Toyota Land Cruiser is one of the Toyota Old series vehicles which is still very popular in all over the world.Latest-Toyota-Land-Cruiser-2013-with-Girl-Launching-Picture-520x316

  • Black Color Xtreme Land Cruiser2013



Standard features include 18-inch wheels, auto-dimming and power-folding mirrors, automatic xenon headlamps, fog-lamps, automatic wipers, privacy glass, a roof rack, a sunroof and keyless ignition/entry.

For the 2013 model year, Land Cruiser appropriates outer surface and inner part styling improvements. Also, Land Cruiser will now accompany all headlines as standard gear, incorporating revamped driving exhibition headlines, and a cluster of huge security and advantage headlines. Around the countless prevalent offers that were earlier accessible as alternatives, yet are currently standard, are back-seat DVD amusement framework, shade-keyed back spoiler, downpour-sensing windshield wipers, focus-support cooler box, headlamp cleansing specialists, cowhide-trimmed guiding wheel, multi-qualified data show, voice and Bluetooth® without hands controls, cowhide-trimmed movement lever and warmed second line seats. Toyota’s Premium Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Navigation with Entune multi-media framework and JBL® sound is additionally standard.

Land-Cruiser-Model-2013-Xtreme-edition-picture in black color

Mechanically, the Land Cruiser continues as before for 2013. That would not joke about this holds its form-on-casing development and rides on the elevated-tech Kinetic Dynamic Suspension (KDSS), which permits the against-roll bars to separate to take into account included wheel explanation when going dirt road romping. Likewise continuing are the 381-hp, 401-lb-ft 5.7-liter V-8 and six-speed mechanical transmission.


As with past Toyota Land Cruisers, the 2013 model has phenomenal rough terrain capacity and still conveys a thoroughly agreeable ride on urban roads. It is likewise an innovative tour de might. At the point that investigating the untamed wilds, towering-tech offers like Multi-Terrain Select and slither control take a significant part of the stress out of the hands (or feet) of the driver. Just select what sort of terrain you’re driving on, then dial in the fancied speed (as flat as 1 mph), keep your feet off the gas and brake pedals and control in the coveted bearing.

In the additionally infuriating wilds of the urban bush, the 2013 Toyota Land Cruiser carries on similar to the acculturated sumptuousness SUV it’s aimed to be, splashing up knocks with self-control and covering driver and travelers from the outside globe. On a mountain street in transit to the ski inclines, the Land Cruiser remains moderately level by way of corners; the KDSS engaged antiroll bars making the considerable SUV feel surprisingly certain. Exhibition is in addition solid, with the 5.7-liter V8 outfitting more than enough thrust for passing, towing or smooth turnpike cruising –at the upkeep of mileage, obviously.

  • DASH Board Picture of Land Cruiser 2013

Land-Cruiser-2013-Interior-Medium-Grey-Leather images

these are Interior Picture of New Land Cruiser2013.

Land-Cruiser2013-Interior-Sand-beige-Leather images

Sand Beige Leather Seats LandCruiser2013 awalys looks stylish.


  • Toyota Land-Cruiser-2013 Price in USA , Pakistan , Dubai and India and Singapore

The starting price on the 2013 Land Cruiser is $77,955 in USA and in Dubai starting price is AED-210000.Toyota Land Cruiser-2013 is very expensive in India and Pakistan due to high taxes in these countries.

what are Technical Specification of Toyota Land-Cruiser-2013 ?


What is difference between Land Cruiser EXR and Land Cruiser GXR ?

Land-Cruiser-2013 technical Specifications


which color are available in market for Toyota Land-Cruiser-2013 ?


  • Green Mica Metallic Color of Land Cruiser-2013

Latest-Land-Cruiser-Model-2013 green mica  metallic color


  • Dark Red Mica Metallic Color Land Cruiser-2013

Latest-Land-Cruiser-Model-2013 available color in dubai

Land-Cruiser-2013 2014-Price-in-Singapore-India-Dubai-Pakistan


Land-Cruiser-2013 review

  • Land Cruiser Performance in water River

Toyota-Land-Cruiser-2013-off road drive water

  • Off Road Drive of Land Cruiser2013


  • Latest Land Cruiser HD widescreen wallpaper



Toyota-Land-Cruiser-2013 picture from below

  • Land Cruiser 2013 in Africa Sahara Desert

this is one of the best car and give you a smooth and safe drive in desert.


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