Latest and Beautiful Mehndi design for Bridal 2013 2014

Today we collect best and most beautiful mehndi design for females. This season is summer spring season all about says this season is, parties, functions and weddings. To Make mehndi design at hands and foot is tradition of different countries like Pakistan , Indian and even in all gulf countries mehndi design at hands and foot is essential for every bridal.Coloring your hand with henna patterns, using Arabic Mehandi Designs has been a popular practice.
So these are most beautiful but simple and best mehndi design for female and these design are best for EID, chand Raat and party functions and if you are bridal then must choose a mehndi design according to your groom choice because some guys like full hand mehndi design but some groom like simple and hand half hand and arm mehndi design so it’s better to discusses it with your groom.even in modern era , mehndi design for bridal is important part of every girl wedding day make-up.

latest indian mehndi styles 2013-2014

These are best and latest bridal mehndi design and in all arab countries girls like to make a design of mehndi at their wedding day and at your wedding most take snapshot of your hands and with your groom in which mehndi design should be prominent because those moments are very precious and so make them more memorable in your wedding photo alum.Mehndi is easily available in general stores with the name of CON-Mehndi  and it is available in market with name of  Black henna and Red henna. These can be used in combination or can be used separately to create different designs and shades at hands and foot.these are new and unique mehndi design collection 2013.


Rich in convention, traditions and imagery, an Indian and Pakistani wedding function is regularly a wonderfully choreographed undertaking that keeps ticking for up to five days or more. The ceremonies have advanced an extraordinary bargain since universal times and obviously, vary enormously from Western services. Present day Indian weddings are as assorted as the numerous locales all through the Indian landmass and can include all the customs of accepted services, or could be tailored by the spouse and groom and their families dependent upon their particular conventions and underpinnings. This article spreads the most significant segments of an accepted Hindu wedding to help you start your arranging so you can make your particular wedding a legitimate and significant undertaking! For additional qualified data accompany the aforementioned connections for or more part on Hindu and a few other territorial Indian wedding functions incorporating Bengali, Gujarati, Kashmiri and the sky is the limit from there.


In an Indian and Pakistan wedding function is not a face to face time of bridal and groom. It is not only about the union of the lady and groom yet it additionally builds the bond between two families. Indian and Pakistani wedding functions are a brilliant and euphoric occasion, which is spread over a few days. In Indian and Pakistan individuals need to make their wedding service vital and interesting. So in India, diverse people of college make a planet longest wedding wear for their companion.


In India There are numerous vital services that happen in the days soon after your wedding; the first is Misri – the ring service. This will occur some days after your wedding and calls for seven wedded ladies to draw the indication of Lord Ganesha in red powder spread above a dish of rock sugar. Requests to God are stated by you and your life partner and your guardians and you will trade bloomed wreaths and gold rings with your darling in the presence of your minister. The lucky man’s guardians will put in your lap a crate of apples and oranges or different blessings to welcome you then bolster your family misri – rock sugar – affirming the engagement and guaranteeing a life full of sweetness ahead.

latest-indian-bridal-mehndi-designs-for -india-2013-2014

its beautiful henna design and girls hands looks more attractive after henna design.

latest mehndi design picture 2013-2014

its simple and easy mehndi design for girl.



these are latest mehndi designs which give a women ideal appearance in wedding ceremonies, celebrations and also in all types of functions like EID and Chaand Raat.

Simple-and-decent-Mehndi-design-for-woman-hand-2013 2014

this is best mehndi design with half arm and hands.Now there is also trend to make design at full arm as well.

Beautiful-Bridal-Hand-mehndi-picture 2013 2014




this is fabulous arabic mehndi design picture.

fashionable-Mehndi-Designs-For-Hands-for pakistan-2012-2014

it is very beautiful design of henna and it is simple but best bridal henna design.

latest-Eid-mehndi-designs-2013-2014 2013-stylish-indian Mehndi Designs For Hands








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