Latest Final Year Projects for University Students 2013 2014

In the past decade, online education has significantly increased in popularity among students of all ages. This is mainly because taking courses at online schools and universities offers clear benefits over taking courses at conventional educational facilities.This is best and latest Final Year Projects for University Students.

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There are a variety of degree programs and single classes offered through online colleges. Being able to choose from many different programs allows prospective students to find a program that will suit their needs. These days, programs such as business management, nursing, computer programming, marketing, communications, and human resources management are just a few that are available online.
The basic objectives of this project are to extend University reach to geographically scattered students, reducing time in activities, centralized data handling, and paperless admission with reduced manpower. Cost cutting, operational efficiency, consistent view of data and integration with other institutions are other factors. Main challenges are effectively synchronizing internal and external operations in such a manner that job can be finished within time limit and integration with different agencies on an agreed upon common data format. This project is to make the admission system online for all university and in future expansion launch a satellite TV in which student can tune their university channel and learn thorough digital media.

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This is latest and unique ideas for final year students of university to make such a program in which whole system of university should be automated and zero paper used in university administrative matters.
This is best and unique final year project proposal idea and in this project different field expert need to complete the project like computer networking students, programming students, network security expert and management students. This is big final year project and it can be best final year projects.

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  • First Phase of Final Year project

In first of this latest final year project proposal just to make system in which admission procedure will be automated and zero paper will be used in whole admission process.The student admission is one of the most important activities within a university as one cannot survive without students. A poor admissions system can mean fewer students being admitted into a university because of mistakes or an overly slow response time.

  • Best Features of this Final year project


  • Enable the students to ask and clear doubts.
  • Manage large number of student details.
  • Create student accounts and maintain the data’s effectively.
  • Manage all details of student who registered for the course and send appropriate details about the course to the students account.
  • The student must able log as student and see all details about course without any constraints.
  • The student can able download the application form or register for the course online.
  •  Enable the student to write the exams through online in effective way compare with paper based process.
  •  view all the details of the students.
  •  Verification of marks/details done by interacting with different agencies like school boards or college management systems.
  •  Hall tickets will be issued for eligible candidates.
  •  Ranks will be generated depending upon the marks obtained for qualified candidates and call letters will be send to short listed candidates.
  •  Manage the details of hostellers and facilitate the allotment of hostels rooms for the students.
  • Reduce the work load in interview the students for selection and Counseling should be very effective rather than direct methods.
  • Admissions will be done online, saving the time of students.
  • Centralized data maintained.


  • The seats management will be done by the convener online and availability of seats announced.
  • Statistical reports on daily activities in the admission process will be generated.
  • The system provides security through password authentication. The Administrative staff and system administrators have their own login ids and these ids help in maintain the integrity of the system.
  •  Create the statistical reports to facilitate the finance department work.
  • Activities like updating, modification, deletion of records should be easier.
  • The System must support Undo the Previous activities if any Problem Occurs.

In future, this final year project will be enhance to automate the whole university process and all admission & all administrative process of university and in future satellite channel will be launch in to make all classes online and all examination process will also be automated and online examination system will be lunch. So this is big final year projects and this is latest and best proposal for final year projects of university students of graduate and undergraduate.

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