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World become a global village and every person wants to live with updated news and its need to connected with sea of information which is internet. Every day different companies launch their smartphone with different specifications. Now people want their smartphone phone with long time battery time. Today we share with you latest long life smartphone which are launch in 2013 or in end of 2012. These are best smartphone with long battery time.everyone wants a smart phone with best features. Mostly people demand a smart phone with a long and best battery life.

Best-battery-time-android-smartphone-2013 2014

Apple, BlackBerry, Samsung , Nokia and other global brands have come up with smartphones equipped with powerful mobile operating systems such as Google’s Android, Nokia’s Symbian, Apple’s iOS, etc., that allows users to play games, listen to mp3s, snap pictures, have access to the Net and even stream videos. So long lasting battery is first priority of mobile user.
There are several tips by which you can enhance your battery time but it does always prefer to buy a smartphone which has best battery time.
Now and again, when you contemplate switching your smartphone or moving to the particular case that has a longer electric storage device life, you might need to recognize various diverse features. Firstly, you might need to keep a record of the top smartphone associations in the business. Also, you might need to look at the different audits relating to a particular model in which you may be intrigued by. Thirdly, you might need to recognize the preparing speed of the smartphone, as there are various diverse displays out there which convey a predominant electric cell life, yet with reduced exhibition. What is the focus or levelheadedness in the buy of an item which is heading off to do nothing more than simply conveys a longer electric cell? With regards to exhibition in addition to a longer electric storage device, then the names such as Samsung, Nokia, HTC and some other may strike your brain. Unquestionably, the Apple features do fall behind as far as the examination with the Samsung android mechanisms and items. Notwithstanding this, you too need to hold fast to the warranty which is given by the android versatile associations. Granted that the greater part of the associations don’t want to include the electric storage device in the dominion of their warranty, yet still it is best to search for those associations which make utilization of some high caliber electric cells in their features. There is no utilization of a smartphone which won’t have the ability to convey a predominant electric cell life. Envision the outcomes of this, when you might need to make a critical call, yet on taking out your smartphone, you will be disappointed to see the flat electric storage device note pop while starting the call. Thus, in light of all the aforementioned variables, here are the 5 ideally smartphones with the longest electric cell life. These are best smartphone model which are available in markets and these mobile has long time battery time.

Most Smartphone owners feel lucky if their smartphone’s battery last more than a day. Here we will show you a top best long battery time smartphone.

here is the Apple iPhone 5 Battery time Review.

Apple’s latest smartphone, the iPhone 5, packs the most up to date technology and features seen in the product line yet. There is a dual core A6 CPU clocked at 1.05 GHz with 1 GB of RAM.

longest-battery-time-smartphone-2013 2014
It also features up to 64 GB of internal storage. The 4-inch Retinal Display features an 1136×640 resolution. With heavy usage, the iPhone 5 can easily eclipse close to 11 and a half hours of performance. It’s smaller, thinner and faster with a higher-resolution screen.Flimsy, smooth, and exceptionally proficient, iPhone 5 measures a simple 7.6 millimeters meager and weighs only 112 grams, iPhone 5 has 4-inch Ratina show & gives you 18 percent more pixels for a breathtaking 1136-by-640 determination, iPhone 5 is practically 9 millimeters taller than iPhone 4S, yet it’s the same width. So it’s all in all as simple to sort with one hand. With the new A6 chip, basically everything you do on iPhone 5 is detectably quicker —up to twice as quick contrasted and the A5 chip, Next-era cell and remote connectivity. IPhone5 smartphone is backings more systems everywhere on the planet. That incorporates propelled systems for example HSPA, HSPA+, and DC-HSDPA.Iphone5 is nice looking design, looks to have decent battery life, light weight and decent speed on wifi and LTE.So if want a stylish smartphone with good battery time then iphone5 is best smartphone for you. Iphone5 is equally popular among female and male and specially this phone is popular among executive class people.

here is the LG Optimus G Best Battery time Smartphone By LG.

Top-Ten-best-battery-android-smartphone-2013 2014

LG Optimus G is leading edge square shape and sensuously Slim. LG E400 also have harmonized design contrast. LG Optimus G is user friendly as it is compact for perfect palm fit. LG E400 has enhanced 3PM camera & sharing via SNS, android 2.3 OS, Radio and much more.

latest-android-smartphone-2013 2014

With gingerbread, you can have all the benefits offered by previous Android™ OS, such as access to 130,000+ Android Market™ apps and reliable multitasking .The LG Optimus G features a 1.5 GHz Snapdragon Pro quad-core CPU with 2 GB of RAM and up to 32 GB internal storage. The True HD IPS display measures 4.7-inch and features a 1280×720 resolution.
While the battery capacity is about 2100 mAh, the Optimus G takes full advantage of the Qualcomm technology to provide strong performance along with a long battery life.

DROID RAZR proves that thin no longer equals frail. It’s made strong with DuPont™ KEVLAR® fiber, while Corning® Gorilla® Glass defends the screen against scrapes and scratches.

Longest-battery-time-mobile-with-LTE-UMTS support 2013 2014

A force field of water-repellent nanoparticles shields the phone against water attacks even the electrical boards inside.Capable of supporting 4G and 3G networks, the talk time for this mobile is about 32 hours. The core reason for this being the 3300 mAh battery which it makes use of.this is thinnest mobile model of world which has support of LTE. The 4.3” Super AMOLED Advanced display on DROID RAZR dishes cutting edge visuals and a wider range of hyper-vibrant colors than most LCD HDTVs.So this is latest mobile model by Motorola which is launch in 2013 and has best battery time.This phone is the best choice for internet lovers because it gives eight hours browsing time.

here is the Samsung Galaxy Note II Best Battery time Android Smartphone 2013.

Samsung Galaxy Note II is best smartphone by Samsung and this smartphone give a good boost to Samsung sales in 2012 and now Samsung is world best and top manufacturer of smartphone.

Samsung-Best-Battery-time-Mobile-Model-2013 2014
The revolutionary Samsung Galaxy Note II is the size of a phone but delivers the productivity of a PC, Using touch or super-sensitive S-Pen input, you can sketch, write, and capture or crop elements from any screen quickly and easily in Samsung Galaxy Note II. Meanwhile, a large 5.5” HD Super AMOLED display offers the ultimate immersive experience, Quad-core 1.6 GHz Cortex-A9 processor and HSPA+ internet speeds of up to 21Mbps of Samsung Galaxy Note II make sure you’ve got the power you need, too, especially with an android v4.1.1 Jelly Bean. Choose the Samsung Galaxy Note II if you want long time battery smartphone .The Note II relies on a large 3100 mAh battery. This allows for 10 to 11 hours of heavy usage, and can last for a good few days with lighter usage. This is again due to the fabrication process of the Exynos CPU.

New-HTC-Mobile-Model-2013 2014 battery time

HTC One X is best mobile model launch by HTC and it has Your Quad-core-powered Entertainer.Extraordinary quad-core power gives you lightning-fast web browsing on HTC One X, Remarkable picture quality and hyper-realistic gaming effects all on a giant 4.7 inch HD screen of HTC One X, With Beats Audio of HTC One X you hear authentic, deep sound with true finely-tuned details, Access to your favorite apps is just a finger stroke away on your HTC One X Set your phone & quickly get weather updates, stock information or your favorite people’s Facebook status. The HTC One X Plus improves on the HTC One X by swapping the 1,800 mAh battery in the latter with a 2,100 mAh unit. This upgrade produced 7 hours and 19 minutes of battery life .So this is best long lasting battery time smartphone by HTC.It gets you through all the day with power for 15 hours and 288 hours of standby. If you are thinking to buy this phone then go ahead and never stop.

these are top mobile model which has best battery time.


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