Most people in wedding dresses at Northern Ireland 2013-2014

As we all know that today people are trying to make some interesting kinds of records recently in Ireland many brides come to one bridge and make a record. It was very interesting and attractive event. There were many brides in white beautiful bridal suit from different countries and of different ages participated in this occasion. Where young girls participated in this event also many old women also were white bridal gowns with different style and beautiful designs. It was not only for the married women but single girls can also join this gathering but wearing the fancy stylish and attractive gowns. It was really awesome event and women as well as men enjoyed it very much. As we all know that every girl has fond of wearing the bridal dress and want to look world most beautiful bride so each and every woman participated in this event was looking wonderful. Total 750 females take part in this occasion and bridge was full of women wearing white gowns and it seems that fairies are walking on the earth and the whole picture looks remarkable. It was amazing record.Different fashion designer made these wedding dress and now in future many fashion designer show their interest to launch their wedding dress series.



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