World Most Favorite City of Richest Person 2013 2014

People always like to live in metropolitan city and people always search that which city of world is best to live and in which city of world richest person live. So today we share with you the city name which is unveiled in London survey report that new-york city of USA is world most favorite city of world. There are many biggest metro areas with the highest concentration of wealthy residents in newyork. The best and most inviting cities in the world for the middle class, and wealthy below 1 million dollars is more important for the vast majority of the world population. there are also some other best cities of USA in which millionaire of world love to live like in San Jose , Washington, DC , San Francisco , Boston and Boulder . Property is very expensive in these cities and rent of apartment in these cities is also very high. In survey new-york which is city of USA is declared most favorite city of rich person world. Everyone wants to live in peaceful city and in that city where they can find easily all basic facilities of life. In this list Masco is at 2nd number. London city also best for living a happy life. Hong Kong is at fourth number in which millionaire of world want to live. At fifth number Indian city Mumbai placed in which 26 person whose wealth is in billions of dollars. China city shanghai, Istanbul turkey city and Paris is also best city in which world richest person love to live.New-york city world best city for high quality of life.New-york city world best city for high quality of life. In new York city you can find all facilities which are necessary for best life. You can find good education institute , Metro train , high technology equipment and best airport of world.Factors such as internal stability, law enforcement effectiveness, crime levels and medical facilities are important to consider when deciding to live in a city.So you can find all best facility of life in new york city.

world-most-favorite-city-of-richest-person-2013 2014


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