Final Year Project Proposal Online Election System

Today i share with you very important project proposal which you can do as a final year project and specailly which students are at university level and want to do a good and highl demand project at their final semester of computer science , engineering or database expert. In this project you need skills of database , networking and some embaded system expert. As you online voting system is now launch in many countries but in Pakistan still traditional system is working in which their are many chances of rigging at election day. So i highly receomend you people to do such a project which help your country. Now people are thinking that traditional voting system has many black holes which need to covered with the help of information technology so that no-one can rigg the election. So idea is to make a good electronics base voting system in which every person can cast his vote and no-one can rigg the election. So in Pakistan this type of system is highly needed.So where ever we need government support we can get government support and futher government will contact with big electronic companies like Dell , Nokia , HP and Samsung to develpe a good hardware at large level for online voting.Your vote is your voice as a citizen. It’s your chance to be heard, to hold elected officials responsible for their decisions and to have a say in significant issues that affect your life. On Election Day, every vote matters. It is a known fact that the right to vote is the backbone of democracy as it carries in itself a power of change. Right to vote by a citizen for a candidate, is regarded as the absolute sign of his targets. By impression of this valuable right, people express their will through their elected representatives in every modern democratic system of the world. So, the role of electorate is of great importance as far as the policy making is concerned and importance matters of the country which directly or indirectly effects the it also responsibility of people to choose such a person to whom they can and trust and relay on him there that candidate will not waste the power of their votes will work for the welfare of the common people.

In the new era of advanced technology where online system boosts work speed, reduces mistakes and promotes the generation of accurate results, having manual election system becomes a misfortune. A public election system constitutes the backbone of a democracy where the people have to elect their state’s leader. Pakistan currently uses a manual election system, which causes several kinds of problems. Due to this paper ballot based election system, some problems are faced by voters before or during elections and others are faced by the administration before and after the voting. An online system, which involves procedures like registration of voters, vote casting, vote counting, and declaring results etc. would constitute a good solution to replace current system The system proposed in this thesis will be helpful for the voters by using any resources like their own system or arranged by Government.
Moreover, the proposed system will also decrease the risk for corruption.

The aim to give idea of an online election system is to allow people to cast votes in a more convenient way, by using available resources which could facilitate the voters during elections.
Some people hesitate to vote due to weather conditions in different areas during the election, youngsters of age group 18 – 24 having no charm to cast the vote. People who are outside of their town/city don’t want to come to their area for just casting the votes due to the expenses and trouble of transportation. Same situation is also for those who are on duty during the election, they don’t have any interest to cast their vote during job or they don’t have facility to submit their vote.
A second purpose is to make it more difficult to commit fraud and cheating during an election. In a manual system, sometimes people are registered in more than one area and can thus cast the vote multiple times. By creating an online database covering the country it will be possible to eliminate the double casting of votes. In some areas, officials of the Election Commission themselves cast votes and after the end of election they adjust these votes from the voter’s list.
Hence, they manipulate the result of the election. There is clearly a need of a system that could reduce the authority of officials and could sustain the true nature of voting. It would also give people options to cast an empty vote if they don’t like to give the vote to any of the candidates.
Lots of time and problems are occurring on vote counting process since this activity is done manually. Due to manual voting process there is lots of paper waste during election times.

In Pakistan’s current Paper Polling System, there are some other troubles as well apart from low turnout of votes, by looking at those problems, it is necessary to build a system which could solve those problems and speed up the election system.

  • Speed:

Hand counting votes is time consuming especially in most populated countries like Pakistan, where many candidates are for same position and voter has to cast vote for many races.

  • Intelligibility:

When a system based on pens, stamps, punch cards or ballot papers is used for voting in a Paper‐based Polling System, the result can be ambiguous.

  • Accessibility:

Disabled or duty‐bound people do not have an easy access to the poll booth, but an easily touchable system will help them to cast their vote.

  •  Transparency:

Chances of manipulation of the results from influencing authorities will almost be finished.

An online system, which involves procedures like registration of voters, vote casting, vote counting, and declaring results etc. would constitute a good solution to replace current system The system proposed in this thesis will be helpful for the voters by using any resources like their own system or arranged by Government. Moreover, the proposed system will also decrease the risk for corruption. The system is proposed after interviewing officials of two departments, the Nation Database and Registration Authority Pakistan (NADRA) and the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP). NADRA has an online database of the citizens of Pakistan, and is providing the Computerized National Identity Cards (CNIC) and also supporting different organizations with their online system. So, by using NADRA’s system it becomes easy to register all voters of the age 18 or above, and furthermore to verify their data.

Online voting may be conducted in a variety of ways:

  • Remote systems that allow voters to vote from any computer connected to the internet ‐typically at home or at work. As well as via PCs, home internet voting could be through digital TV or even mobile phones or games machines. Remote internet voting might be used to replace poll site voting entirely.
  • KIOSK internet voting systems that allow voters to vote from computers in KIOSKs set up by the voting authority in convenient locations such as post offices and shopping malls. The KIOSKs are not monitored by poll workers all the time and may allow voting over a period of several days or weeks.
  • Poll site internet voting systems that require voters to go to staffed polling places and use computers to cast their votes. The internet is used to transfer the ballots from each polling place to centralized tallying centers.
  • Regional poll site internet voting systems that allow voters to go to any poll site in a particular city or region to cast their vote. The system keeps track of which voters have already cast their ballots, and delivers the correct ballot paper to each voter based on where one resides.

what is scope of this final year project?
An online system, which involves procedures like:

  • Registration of voters
  • Vote casting
  • Vote counting
  • Declaring results

In “ONLINE VOTING SYSTEM” a voter can use his\her voting right online without any difficulty. He\She has to fill a registration form to register himself\herself. All the entries are checked by the DATABASE which has already all information about the voter. If all the entries are correct then a USER ID and PASSWORD is given to the voter, by using that ID and PASSWORD he\she can use his\her vote. If conditions are wrong then that entry will be discarded.

The project maintains two levels of users:-

  • Administrator Level
  • Voter Level

Main facilities available in this project are:

  • Maintaining voter’s Identification
  • Providing online voting management
  • Providing updating of voter’s information
  • Provide voter information to ELECTION COMMISION OF PAKISTAN
  • ELECTION COMMISION OF PAKISTAN maintains the complete information of voter
  • Voter can give his\her vote from any part of Pakistan
  • Advanced technology:

It is an advanced technology used now days. It increases the E knowledge of the users which is very necessary for current generation.

  • Internet

It is an online facility and hence very useful for the users.

Voters can vote from anywhere at any time in Pakistan.

  • E-Mails:

 ELECTION COMMISION OF PAKISTAN can send the error report to a particular user if he\she entered false information.

  • E-SMS:

People they have not internet connection they cannot check the emails or not have email, they can be informed by SMS on their mobile. Today many websites provide free SMS to the mobile. ELECTION COMMISION OF PAKISTAN can use these to send any information.

Planned approach towards working: The working in the organization will be well planned and organized. The data will be stored properly in data stores, which will help in retrieval of information as well as its storage.

The level of accuracy in the proposed system will be higher. All operation would be done correctly and it ensures that whatever information is coming from the center is accurate.

The reliability of the proposed system will be high due to the above stated reasons. The reason for the increased reliability of the system is that now there would be proper storage of information.

No Redundancy: In the proposed system utmost care would be that no information is repeated anywhere, in storage or otherwise. This would assure economic use of storage space and consistency in the data stored.
Immediate retrieval of information: The main objective of proposed system is to provide for a quick and efficient retrieval of information.

Immediate storage of information: In manual system there are many problems to store the largest amount of information.

Easy to Operate: The system should be easy to operate and should be such that it can be developed within a short period of time and fit in the limited budget of the user.

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