Saudi Arabia New Visa Rule 2013 2014 for Pakistan India Bangladesh USA and Philippine

Saudi Arabia is the second largest Middle Eastern country and is well known for vast oil reserves and holy sites for Islamic faith followers. Many people refer to Saudi Arabia as The Land of the Two Holy Mosques which refers to Masjid al Haram and Al-Masjid al Nabawi, which are the two holiest places in Islam.Saudi Arabia is very holy place for all Muslims and every year million of Muslim visits the Saudi Arabia for Umrah and Hajj.

 Saudi arabia also offer visa free entry in their country and only there are three country which are allowed to enter in saudi freely. Bahrain , Kuwait and united arab emirates citizen can enter in saudi arabia without any visa and in these country you can enter without visa if  you have Saudi arabia passport.


  • Saudi Arabia New Visa Rule 2013

If you are planning to movie is Saudi Arabia or if you are doing job in Saudi Arabia then you must be assure that Saudi Arabia introduced new rule for visa for 2013 and 2014 year Everyone should be aware of this new rule of Saudi Arabia visa before moving to Saudi Arabia . This article will give you sufficient information regarding business Visit Visa , diplomatic and Official Visa , Employment Visa ,family visit Visa , government visit Visa , residence visa , student visa , transit visa ,temporary work visa , hajj Visa ,umrah Visa. Whenever you plan to visit Saudi Arabia you should have information that we type of visa you require. Saudi Arabia government offer different type of visa and you must apply for that visa in which category your visit fit. To enter Saudi Arabia, a passport valid for at least six months at the time of the visa application is required by all national.

what is business visa fee and processing time of business visa in 2013 and 2014 and what are new rule for business visa for saudi arabia.



what is prosessing time and fee for employment visa 2013 in Saudia arabia.


There is how many type of visa in Saudi Arabia?
Saudi Arabia have different type of visa and each category of visa has its own rule and regulations. Now Saudi Arabia also offer student visa and less restriction but new rule are introduced in employment visa of Saudi Arabia in 2013 and people predict that in New Year 2014 more strict rule will be implement for employment visa for Saudi Arabia. If you are planning to move in Saudi Arabia and if you have offer letter from Saudi Arabia then you must take some basic knowledge of rule and regulation of Saudi government.
Sharia law are the guidelines for common law in Saudi Arabia and all individuals entering Saudi Arabia must abide by these laws. Saudi Arabian currency is based on Riyals with a code of SAR on the international market. For visa there are different rule which are implemented in Saudi Arabia. You must have some Kafeel in saudia which offer you a employment visa. Saudi Arabia is one of the country which have stringent entry and exit rules. Upon entering the country you will be asked to surrender your passport for at least 24 to 48 hrs and you may be asked to take blood testing, fingerprinting, and retinal scans.

is there any rule to get family visa and what is free for family visa in saudi arabia. how much time required to get family visa in Saudi what are requirements for family visa in saudi for Pakistani , Indian and bangladesh.


Now Saudi government also introduced online visa status checking so now you can check visa status online by website. Now for employment visa medical test is necessary for Saudi Arabia. Still Saudi Arabia didn’t offer permanent immigration So permanent immigration Is not possible in any gulf countries like UAE , Qatar and Saudi Arabia. You need to review your visa status every 2 years.
If you got umrah visa or hajj visa then you must be leave the country after the 30 or 40 days. So there are number of travel agent in all over the world which can arrange all umrah or hajj requirements of person so its better just to choose a good travel agent which can book hotel and restaurant during your stay in Saudi Arabia.
For student visa you need to complete a form and required a letter for the university which need to submit to Saudi ambassy. Now Saudi government invest million of dollar in education and offer many student visa so if you are interesting to get the student visa then its right time to apply for student visa and you can get scholarship offer from many universities.


Now you can visa status online and enjaz is authority name which handle all the visa can also email all visa query to Saudi embassy.
What are new rule for employment visa in Saudi Arabia and what are new rule and requirements of employment visa for Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Saudi government is also in negotiation with Philippine government to resolve the employment visa issue. So what are new requiments for employment visa for Pakistan, India and Bangladesh and what new rule for Canada and USA citizen are. For employment visa there are some different rule for USA , Canada and other nations like Pakistan , India and Bangladesh. Saudi government has a biased attitude and they implement their entire rule more strictly only at Pakistani, India and Bangladesh. So here we discussed with you the new rule and requirements of employment can get residence for your wife at your employment visa.Soon we will also include all information of saudi visa in URDU and Hindi language.

there are how many type of visa for family and can i get residence visa for wife and family. What is procedure for residence visa for parents in saudi arabia. What are requirements for residence visa for USA citizen and canada citizen. what is processing time for residence visa for US citizens and how much processing time required to get residence visa.


For employment visa in 2013 , you need a a letter from your Saudi employer (or sponsor, if not the same) consolidated by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a signed copy of your employment contract from company. You need all your educational certificate and must be attested for higher education authority of you country. In Pakistan , HEC attested all your educations degrees. Employment visa is also called Iqama. You also need police record report in which you must be clear from criminal activity. Three copies of your official medical report, including HIV test results, issued by a licensed physician.Expats on long-term assignments need to have their Employment Visa extended to a Residence Permit (iqama), which is valid for one or two years. Please note that visa procedures and requirements change and it is always good to check the latest ones at the Saudi Embassy Visa Section in the country where you live at the moment. If you encounter any problems when trying to make the Enjaz payments. You can contact with Mr. Ossama H. Al-Humaidan who is MOFA Project Manager and phone number for any query is 966-1-402-9000 or you can send directly email to them



 Currently nationals of Pakistan , India and Bangladesh are in trouble and due to strict rule at employment visa by Saudi government many expat going to their home countries.


this is latest news that Saudi government extend its date for oversease people to leave the saudi arabia.


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