Online Auction website Project Proposal Idea for Final Year University Students

  • Online Auction website Project Proposal

 An online auction is an auction which is held over the internet. The increasing popularity of using online auctions has led to an increase in interning use. People don’t have time to go and waste their time to buy the product. Now everyone wants to save his time.So idea of online auction is increasing dramatically and online auction websites are getting popularity’s today we give you a complete proposal idea for online auction website and you can do as a project of final year to build a world best online auction website. This project is best for programming students and computer networking system. How you can create a best online auction website and what requirements is of build a online auction website. You can find all detail of this project here. The scope of the project is to take the auctioning system to a worldwide platform. To achieve this goal we are building an online auction system so that people from over the world can bid for their chosen products anywhere anytime.

online auction system

The basic idea of Online Auction Website is to provide a user-friendly website for the buyers and sellers to auction their products easily. The products available on this website for auction will be authenticated products. This will be a safe environment for online users. It is all very well making the strategic decision to move online, but before you do so, it might be worth thinking about the motivations for doing so along with the benefits. By analyzing this you can identify the key marketing issues and are able to develop an effective online marketing plan. This project idea is for computer science students having preliminary knowledge of PHP and My SQL.

  •  Manual and online Auction requirements

 Traditional way of doing auction is still popular but due to its limitations more and more people are thinking of shifting online. In basic manual auction there is very limited number of general public involved. There is a chance of corruption and other factors for not providing transparent bidding. So, we decided to develop an online auction system which is available for all the general public. People from across the continent can participate in this auction. Few features of our website are:

  • The auctions are paperless.
  • Anyone can access this website and bid.
  • Full transparency.
  • User validation and checking.

It is a user-friendly website so any person may be a layman can visit this site and bid or sell the product without any difficulty.

online auction-best-website

  •  How Manual Auction works .

In manual auction the day of auction, venue and the items for auctions are told to the general public through electronic or print media. The people who wish to take part in the auction should first register himself and then arrive at the venue of the auction on the given date and time. This method restricts most of the interested bidders out of the city or country to decline their offer or interest as they can’t be available on the day of auction. Another flaw of this method is the piles of paper work that has to be maintained and then keep it save for the future. They have to keep track of the bidders and the sellers until their final settlement. It is a fatigue and time consuming process.


  •  Online Auction website Proposal

 Our proposed system is an online auction house where the bidders and the sellers have to deal everything from their computers from any continent and they don’t need to go anywhere. It has made the auction process simple. The users of the system will be:

  • Bidders(registered)
  • Sellers
  • Administrators
  • Advertising agencies
  • Requirements of for this project

  •  User must register himself/herself before taking part in the bidding process
  • A session cookie is formed when the users logs in and terminate when he logs out.
  • A product registration module is present where the products of the seller are being uploaded. The seller should be registered and authenticate himself before uploading his product.
  • Before the bidder completes his bidding process the system will verifies his credit account i.e. whether it has as much balance as required.
  • The closing date of bidding will be 2 weeks after the product is displayed for auction. It will be set automatically for every product uploaded for auction.
  • Web administration module will also be present. It will only be available for use for web administrator for security reasons. He can add product field, can update any data.
  • When the product is auctioned to the bidder the web administrator will notify both the seller and buyer about the transaction.
  • The users can choose their fields and an SMS/e-mail can be sent to them if any update is there.
  • Search map of the site will be available for easy access.
  • Online chat facility will be available for the bidders to ask any queries from the sellers.
  • Online documentation must be legal. A tight check must be kept on it.
  • Confidential data must be secured.
  • Available all the time i.e. 24X7
  • Flexible service architecture for future extension.
  • Sellers can upload audio or video of the product.
  • Users can give suggestions/complaints.
  • User friendly
  • Professional look and feel
  • Some background processes like closing of bidding of those products whose closing date is less than the current date. It is an automatic process and hidden from web users.

The purpose of this document is to describe the functionalities and behaviors of the website. This website is an “Online auction website”. It is designed to be an online trading and auction website with real-time communication tools between bidders and the owners. This document helps to understand the implementation of the auction website.

Document Conventions

IEEE standards used. Proper sub numbering system for sub topics based on the importance and priority of the matter.                                                             .

 Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions

This document helps developers, project managers, marketing staff, users, testers, and documentation writers. Detailed steps and description are given that is very useful for all of the project members to gain any kind of information about the project any time.

Product Scope

This is an online auction website aimed at taking the auction to the finger tips of aspiring bidders there by opening up the doors of the “OPEN Auction House’. This site also acts as an open forum where buyers and sellers can come together and exchange their products. The site makes sure that the sellers get a fair deal and buyers get a genuine product.

Product Perspective

In basic manual auction there is very limited number of general public involved. There is a chance of corruption and other factors for not providing transparent bidding. So, we decided to develop an online auction system which is available for all the general public. People from across the continent can participate in this auction.

The basic idea of Online Auction Website is to provide a user-friendly website for the buyers and sellers to auction their products easily. The products available on this website for auction will be authenticated products. This will be a safe environment for online users.

Product Functions

The Online Auction Website system is an auction and trading website. It provides communication between users of the site in order to exchange information such as prices and contact information to facilitate trading between users. It will allow the users to upload photos to advertise their products. It will also support the sending of email to users as event notifications from the site. Users will be able to create and manage site accounts, as well as post and manage their auctions, place bids on auctions, and even message the auction creator. Auctions and posts will be classified into categories for easier product searching. Online purchase and transaction facility will also be available.

User Classes and Characteristics

There are 3 kinds of users for the proposed system:


They create user accounts and give it to the required customers.

They must provide rules for the transactions.

They must maintain the website and update the same making necessary changes at times.

They must take care of the security issues involved in the transactions.

They must inform the users about their transaction status and keep them updated about the progress through emails.

They must receive feedbacks from their customers or any users about their system and act upon the relevant ones.

Look up at all the legal issues involved with the business.

Any failures in the system have to be detected and repaired.


They are the genuine customers of the website. They can see the listing, bid for various things, and also buy them to various payment options.


These are the people involved in selling their products. They consider this as a virtual market place. They need to be provided with proper advertisement place, and ratings of customers.

Casual visitors:

These people don’t come to the site on specific intensions of auction or bidding. They just visit to see the listing and too see the products. They need not have an user account. They can be future potential customers.


Operating Environment


RAM :                    256MB or more
KEY BOARD :     101 KEYS
MODEM :             56 KBPS/ADSL Broadband


Design and Implementation Constraints

  • The Online Auction Website will be built in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 using language.
  • The main constraint here would be the checking the genuineness of the buyer, which is not always possible. There can be security risks involved.
  • The design constraints are that the browser at each place may not follow similar screen resolutions, browsers etc. This can lead to the website not having the impact it is planned to have.
  • Also the rules of the land will prohibit certain items to be sold on the site. Hence all those factors need to be filtered in.
  • Also storage space constraints may come if the listing becomes too large. Hence a strong server needs to be chosen to host the database.


User Documentation

  • Online user help with all the necessary help needed to use the site in a bulletin format.
  • Problem addressable forms.
  • Software and database specification.
  • Details of rules and regulation to sellers as well as buyers.

Assumptions and Dependencies

  • It is recommended that the user have a broadband connection when using the photo sharing functionality.
  •  User should be accessing the site through a desktop or laptop, not a mobile phone device.
  • The site’s primary language of operation is English.

External Interface Requirements

User Interfaces

Each part of the user interface intends to be as user friendly as possible. The fonts and buttons used will be intended to be very fast and easy to load on web pages. The pages will be kept light in space so that it won’t take a long time for the page to load.  The starting page will ask the user what kind of a user is he, auctioner, bidder or a casual visitor. Based on which the future pages will be loaded in a sequential manner. Each listing page will have an area to put the bid, the product details with photo etc. Each page also will have a search engine to search the products available so that it is readily available and the user need not search for it. Each button will have an online help link to help the user in understanding the process.

Hardware Interfaces

The System must run over the internet, all the hardware shall require to connect internet will be hardware interface for the system. As for e.g. Modem, WAN – LAN, Ethernet Cross-Cable.

Software Interfaces

The system is on server so it requires the any scripting language like PHP, VBScript etc.The system require Data Base also for the store the any transaction of the system like MYSQL etc. system also require DNS(domain name space) for the naming on the internet. At the last user need web browser for interact with the system.

System Features

Create an account

Description and Priority

New user account is created

Stimulus/Response Sequences

Functional Requirements

The internet connection must be available.

A new auction is created with the description provided by the user.

The internet connection must be available.

For making an auction the user must be logged in to the system. If the user is not logged in he will not be able to make an auction of his product.

  • User bids on an auction

Description and Priority

The auction selected is updated with the new bid amount. It is of high priority.

Functional Requirements

The internet connection must be available.

For making the bidding, the product for auction must be present.

The user must be logged in for making the bidding.

The auction is closed and notifications are sent to the auction owner and the auction winner

Description and Priority

The bid winner after receiving the email will be told to do the online transaction to get the product.

Functional Requirements


                          The internet connection must be available.


                          The auction period must be expired.

 Other Nonfunctional Requirements

Maintainability Requirements

A commercial database is used for maintaining the database and the application server takes care of the site. In case of a failure, a re-initialization of the program will be done. Also the software design is being done with modularity in mind so that maintainability can be done efficiently.

Reliability Requirements

The system provides storage of all databases on redundant computers with automatic switchover. The reliability of the overall program depends on the reliability of the separate components. The main pillar of reliability of the system is the backup of the database which is continuously maintained and updated to reflect the most recent changes. Thus the overall stability of the system depends on the stability of container and its underlying operating system.

Security Requirements

The system use SSL (secured socket layer) in all transactions that include any confidential customer information. The system must automatically log out all customers after a period of inactivity. The system should not leave any cookies on the customer’s computer containing the user’s password. The system’s back-end servers shall only be accessible to authenticated administrators. Sensitive data will be encrypted before being sent over insecure connections like the internet.

Availability Requirements

The system should be available at all times, meaning the user can access it using a web browser, only restricted by the down time of the server on which the system runs. In case of a of a hardware failure or database corruption, a replacement page will be shown. Also in case of a hardware failure or database corruption, backups of the database should be retrieved from the server and saved by the administrator. Then the service will be restarted. It means 24 X 7 availability.

Portability Requirements

The application is HTML and scripting language based. So the end-user part is fully portable and any system using any web browser should be able to use the features of the system, including any hardware platform that is available or will be available in the future. An end-user is use this system on any OS; either it is Windows or Linux. The system shall run on Computers, Laptops etc.

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