Latest and Unique Final Year Project Proposal Ideas for Engineering Students Intelligent traffic control system

This Intelligent Traffic Controller System final year project is aimed to design an effective traffic control system that can monitor a traffic junction with sensors on the roads. After implementing this project the total time interval is decreased to half of the original time. This project mainly useful for traffic police to prevent road accidents & who can cross the vehicle speed limits & jumping signals.

  • Intelligent traffic control system

intelligent traffic control system

  • Latest Final Year Project Ideas for University Students

A system will be designed that will automate the traffic lights. It will detect vehicles through cameras that will be placed along with the traffic signals and after image processing traffic lights will be regulated. Continuous images will be taken and from these video frames traffic conditions on the four roads around the roundabout will be analyzed and where congestion will be found maximum that signal will switch to green light first.

best-Traffic Controller system

Traffic conditions in mostly countries are getting worse day by day due to large number of vehicles present on the roads and the limited resources provided by current infrastructure. The aim of this project is

  • To develop such a system that controls the traffic via artificial intelligence.
  • To reduce traffic congestion problem on roads.

Growth and / or changes in traffic demand create a need to examine the adequacy of existing traffic control systems. When traffic flows well below available capacity and no recurrent congestion (or motorist perception of congestion) occurs, little public sentiment develops for control system improvement. However, as flows approach capacity and congestion becomes evident, demand for, and need of, improved control system operation increases

  • Advantages of intelligent control system

Following main tasks are to be achieved:

  • Detection of presence of vehicles on the road.
  • Continuous Comparison of video frames taken by four cameras of four roads.
  • Determining which road has more traffic and on this base traffic lights will be regulated.

A model will be designed consisting of some toy cars to show how this system will work in real time.



  • Features and requirements of this project :
  • Traffic Operations – The ability to respond to existing and anticipated future traffic operations requirements. Specific goals might include:
    • Obtain maximum efficiency in terms of minimum delay, minimum stops, and maximum capacity utilization consistent with the safety of operation,
    • Improve vehicle, pedestrian and bicycle safety, or
    • Provide motorists with real-time traffic or routing information.
  • System Reliability – Issues include:Adaptability – The ability to satisfy traffic operation requirements over a long period of time under changing conditions.
    • Minimizing control system downtime,
    • Minimizing cost of maintenance, and
    • Improvement of automated detection and reporting of equipment failures.
  • Implementation – Ease of installation or changeover from an old system to a new one with minimum technical problems and disruption of traffic flow.
  • Ease of Operation – The ability to easily develop and maintain system databases including generation and maintenance of timing plans.

Real Time Traffic Controller

Advanced Features of this final year project :

    • Workload and Performance
    • Organization
    • Nonstandard Operations
    • Fault Detection and Correction
    • System maintenance
    • Training and Documentation
    • Operational Procurement and Contracting

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