Final Year Project proposal Idea for Software Engineering students and Music Lovers

Everyone loves music. Music is everywhere, it encompass our world. Everyone knows music has power and importance. In modern day life we are surrounded by music at various times of the day. Music lifts up your soul and releases it. Music is important to people’s lives because it makes things better when things aren’t going right in the world. Today I would like to share with you idea about online music store. Everyone in this world loves with music. Music touches our enthusiastic being and brings out dispositions and sentiments that are off and on again demanding to express. It can change a demanding state of mind and make it joyful or animated. it can change a light state of mind and take it deeper and increasingly significant. Today My idea is to make a world best online music store.this project can be done as final year projects and it is best project idea for software engineer student and people who love with music can adopt this project and start their work to make a world best online music store.

  full-mast- bold-girl-music this is final Year project Ideas for University Level Students.

  • Online Music Store Project Idea

The idea of the project is online music store which provide communication between users and music items through internet. The platform provides online buying of music related items, browsing of their favorite songs and cd’s.Other than that music magazines will also be provided to the users through internet.


The online music store will help the user’s to buy online cd’s, music gears and magazines. By this platform user can buy commodities from anywhere in the world through internet.Artist can also sell their music to different music launching companies.

The main modules of the website will be

  • Artist module
  • Customer module
  • Administer module

Requirements from costumer

  • Customer should have credit or debit card for buying of music items
  • Customer and artist should have internet access
  • Artist should have membership to the website for selling of the songs/music.

Login Section:It will facilitate customers to create an account and have online transactions.

It will include both

Customer login: It will be free.

Artist Login: In case of artist login there will be membership fee.

Search Tab: This feature will make the users to search according to the genre, prize range, category, keywords etc.

Oder Tab:Customer can place their order in this section and will provide detail information for shipping.

Discussion Forum:In this section user and customer can discuss about the music and the website etc.



Online Payment: In this section user will the forms for buying of the music items and payment will be given by debit/credit card.

Streaming Sample Music: The online streaming of the music for the users to check the quality of the songs and variety.

Help Tab: the help tab will explain the usage of the website and there will tutorials for the telling the process of online transaction and placing order.




The screen design/Graphical user interface will be easy to use. Customers can easily navigate through the tabs.


ADMINISTRATOR MODULE of this Final year project:

The administrator will have the following facilities to successfully run the website:

  • Login to the owner’s portal
  • Delete a member from the database
  • Add item to the lists
  • View the orders and reports of the sales and purchase.
  • View Discussion forum and messages from the customers.



In this section customer would not have to be the member of the site. They can only  visit the website

And can search for the new music and releases.


  • Users would be given the following facilities to use the website at their best
  • User can login to the website
  • Can search music items and enjoy online streaming.
  • Manage the shopping cart
  • Check out from the cart.
  • Can give orders


The possible tabs that would be implemented are:

  • The Home Page
  • The Search Page
  • The Discussion Forum
  • The New Release Page
  • The Register Page
  • The Login Page


  • Artist would be provided with the following facilities:
  • The membership forms
  • Upload new Albums.
  • Upload new Releases.
  • Can bid the albums
  • Can sell their music to the companies via internet.



Operating System                              Windows 7/Windows 8

Programming Language                       Java

Database Support                               Oracle 8i

All the members of the project are devoted to give atleast 3 to 4 hours a day so that we can complete it in considerable time.

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