Online Vote Casting Application Latest Final Year Project for University Students

  • Develop a Smartphone Application to cast vote at General election day

The power of voting is the power of change, it’s the power of making a mark in history and voicing your opinions.The Government of Pakistan is considering granting the right of vote as well as representation in National and Provincial Assemblies to Overseas Pakistanis. In this regard all those Pakistani who wish to participate in the electoral process, must register themselves. So our idea is to make a application by which a person can easily vote his leader or party. The Election Commission has granted 3.7 million Overseas Pakistanis the right to vote.This is about the application where users can register and give their votes to the desired candidates. This application especially help to Pakistan Election Commission because currently there is no software available by which every overseas Pakistani can register themselves and at day of election he can vote his desired candidate. Still overseas Pakistani are confuse about procedure that how they can vote.


And which procedure should they adopt to cast their vote. Same scenario is in India and sri-lanka , overseas Indian cant vote yet so we have plan to develop a application by which a user can get a encrypted code from election commission of Pakistan and by installing application at his/her PC or smartphone when he enter they encrypted code then they can find the option of candidate which are participated from their area and they can give vote to their desired candidate. So its best idea for university level student who want to contribute in their country progress and this idea can become a wonderful and unique idea for programming students. They need to develop a application by which no-one can cast other vote and everyone can cast his vote easily from his home. So it is latest idea for final year project students.

  • How Overseas Pakistani cast their vote?

• Our idea is to develop a best Smartphone application by which all overseas Pakistani cast their vote at General election day.
• In Pakistan and over the world (overseas pakistani), mostly people shy to go outside in election season due to the situation of peace in country so this application will allow them to give their vulnerable vote while sitting at home through mobile or internet.
• Most people don’t like to stand in long queues and wait for their turn in a result they don’t go out and miss their chance to elect the right person.
• They don’t know about candidate’s background or anything else, in mostly cases they vote for the person, whom they asked to do so.
• In future we can connect application with database by which every user can get history of candidate before casting his vote.
• In future we can directly contact with big vendor of mobile handset like Sony, Motorola , Apple , Samsung , Nokia and HTC so that by-default they should include this application in every handset and in future same application can be used in USA , India or any other country . this idea can be used as world wide.

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  • Functions of this Smartphone and PC Application:

This application will have following functionality:

• All the users first get themselves registered.
• The candidates profile with all the required information will be there on the web site.
• Users will come and cast their votes according to the rules i.e by providing some personal information and other stuff.
• They can also see the result online to judge that who’s winning and who’s loosing.

• In the end, after the voting time over, there will be announcement of all the winners’ i.e members of national and provisional assembly.
• This idea will be launched in whole country and people will be provided necessary information about it.
• This will reduced the culture of fighting and other bad things usually happened in Pakistan.
• There will be certain security features included in it, so that no bad things happened.
• To know the history of candidate, application will connect with main database of election commission Pakistan.


This is wonderful idea and if you want to work on it ,it best for your career growth and this idea can be popular all over the world because this idea will save the money of election commission. This is latest and unique proposal ideas for final year project of university and college students.

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