Latest Final Year Project Office Automation System for University Students

Today I share with you another final year project proposal for university students. This is best final year project for those students who are want to work in database, computer networking and system programming. In this final year project student need to be expert in database like oracle and computer networking equipment configuration expert and in some module of this new final year project there is also need system programming skills. Main purpose of this final project is to make the office completely paper free and automate the all office task. You need less man power to complete the office work. So Now a days information technology change our life style dramatically.

 office-automation-project-for-university students
Now people spend more time at mobile , internet and television. So by the help of information technology we can save our life. This is not a complete report of final year project but we include all necessary information about this final year project. This project is best for graduate level student in college and university. Now we come at the main idea of this project and introduction of this project. First of all why we need this project and what is in real this final year project. Purpose Office Automation (OA) is the use of technology to help people do their jobs better and faster. “The use of computers, micro electronics, and telecommunications to help us produce, store, obtain and send information in the form of pictures, words or numbers, more reliably, quickly and economically.with organizations seeing quickly growing outskirts, associations discovery the requirement for results that can handle all the workplace upgrades, errands, capacities, informative data exchange and offering and so forth more viably and professionally than some time recently. The edges for mistake and oversights need to be non-existent for the association to benefit and develop. Office automation frameworks assist with these capacities and guarantee that angles such as crude information space, administering electronic business information, electronic exchange of this informative data and more took care of by the programming. It gathers, stores and regulates these parts of a business viably without any failures. Sankya offers programming results for these necessities that are minimal effort, of high caliber and that are not difficult to understand and utilization.

  • Account Consolidation Application
  • Insertion to Database Module
  • Extracting from Database Module
  • Asset Management System
  • Order Management

What is scope of this final year project proposal ?

Office automation systems help with these functions and ensure that aspects like raw data storage, managing electronic business data, electronic transfer of this information and more handled by the software. It collects, stores and oversees these aspects of a business effectively without any errors. Sankya offers software solutions for these requirements that are low cost, of high quality and that are easy to comprehend and use.


Why this final year project is important.

The aim of the project is to design a comprehensive web enabled application for management of the Office Process. Examination system is categorized into various modules. Among those. The module which deals with the confidential work, i.e File manipulation,, Processing of progress
Reports, Computerization of certificates etc. This is an automated section and it playsa pivotal role in the Office workflow Process starting from the Attendance Processing to the final pay distribution This project is aimed to solve many of the problems that are in the existing system and also provide an easy to use system that is efficient and easy to use. This project concentrates mainly on Application Processing, Marks Processing and Results Processing with an easy to use interface. The system also provides a means to generate and print various types of reports.

What is main function of this final year project?

  • Order Management

An Order Management Software Solution helps to maintain and manage the order entry and processing of a company. Sankya’s JAVA-based ERP package designed on IBM’s San Francisco software platform carries out this work faultlessly.
The orders received by a company for products or services need to be carefully tabulated and managed. The offer and pricing done through a variety of medium such as catalogs, broadcast network advertisements, websites etc need to be looked into and upgraded as needed. The software therefore is not just about tracking an order form, but also about all the various tasks associated with the orders and purchases of a company. Sankya’s solution looks into these mentioned aspects when it comes to Order Management.

We need file map utility in this project.

With companies these days having multiple departments, different sub sectors for a function handling, large number of employees; the need for integrated communication is higher and more complex than before. A system is required to map, transform and transfer data of large volume between the entire different database in text files and more. The usual mainframe system has to be fixed up so that the data and information can be shared from it and also designed such that it creates a communication web. The software uses JAVA, ODBC, and JDBC etc.

  • Asset Management System

Asset Management Software manages all the assets, conditions and work processes of an enterprise for improved planning and management. It is an office suit to manage the list of assets, contacts and schedules of medium-sized companies through VB and MS Access.The asset management system becomes necessary in order to have a comprehensive view of all the assets of the company. The software keeps vital data in hand regarding the expansion, the worth and other important aspects of the company organized and structured and ready to be viewed at any given point of time.

  • User Classes and Characteristics

There are Two user classes employee which create a account and use the system to see reports, schedule regarding events in an office, can register online for registration on system. The admin class will upload delete and edit information regarding employee and faculty on system.
Operating Environment

Which specific hardware require for this project ?

For this project we need Hardware Pentium dual core processor , 1GB hard disk space and 1GB RAM and Software Microsoft .NET framework.

  • Security

The Information should be Secure; there should not be any kind of malfunctioning. All the results, details of Exams taken and Questions are stored securely in the system. System Information will not be changed by any person rather than the management.

  • Reliability

System should be reliable. It should keep secure all the information regarding to particular Student, Faculty, Questions and Results. It should work effectively in tremendous rush. The system must give the perfect calculation and perfect results in kind of damn situation. The Particular result must be listed in to the particular user only; there should not be any kind of data integrity or other problem between Administrator, Faculty and Student.

  • Flexibility

System is working easily on the Intranet with the username and password of the user. The Institute has given the rights to the staff and the students to use the system with their username. The system can also work on other kind of technology with the little modification. System should be quite flexible to install and maintain.

  • Efficiency

System should be efficient enough to meet all kinds of requirements as required by the Administrator, Faculty and Student. The system should not hang or lose its efficiency in any kind of worse conditions. It should provide the correct output in all manners.

  • User Documentation

First of all employee will fill the required form like name of employee and class. Employee will get username and password from faculty members. And the employee will use the automation system according to its account And admin have privilege to edit, insert or delete Information’s

  • User Interfaces

It will use a private network within university which will be used by university students and faculty of university.

Which Hardware Interfaces is required for this project?

For this project you need Intel Pentium IV 2.4 GHZ processor with clock speed 500 MHZ.
More than 40GB hard disk is required for this project and one keyboard and one 2 button mouse and in software window XP and Java Run-time Environment 1.5.

  • Multiple records

Maintain records of all students that are taking tests in one time(in one class).

  • Time saving

It will save time and resources.

  • Accurate results

This system will produce accurate results and there will be no chance of cheating.

  • Performance Requirements

System should be efficient enough to meet all kinds of requirements as required by the Administrator, Faculty and Student. The system should not hang or lose its efficiency in any kind of worse conditions. It should provide the correct output in all manners.

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