SpaceShipTwo makes 1st rocket-powered flight Successfully

A private spaceship designed to carry space tourists made its first test flight Monday, reaching supersonic speeds as it covered the way toward commercial flights in the near future.
The Scaled Composites Model 339 SpaceShipTwo (SS2) is a suborbital, air-launched space plane designed for space tourism. It is under development and this company is trying making this experiment successful. Many common people who want to visit the space and want to enjoy the space traveling then by this spaceship two their dream will come true and it will be possible for them to see the space.
American airline has launched this spaceship two and have done experimental and test flight of space craft in Mojave Desert got successful. The journey was totally safe and there is no danger found in travelling. Special airport is also designed for this plane. Spaceship Two is carried to its launch altitude by a jet-powered mother ship, the Scaled Composites White Knight Two, before being released to fly on into the upper atmosphere, powered by a rocket motor. Flight carrying a ticket price of this space craft is US$200,000. The space plane could also be used to carry scientific payloads for NASA and other organizations. The ticket price will be increasing to $250,000 in 2013. It is really very useful experiment and its commercial use makes it more interesting. People are very excited to went to space and to travel in this space craft till now about 500 people had bought the ticket of this space plane.In future it will be very easy to go in space and people can enjoy their honeymoon time in space and in future many companies have plan to launch their private space rocket so that people can go at moon and can spend time with their family member at moon.USA airline have plan inject heavy investment in this business and soon you will see that a normal person can go in space.So there is no-time left when a ordinary person can enjoy the space travel and soon you will see many countries will start this space service to attract tourist in their countries. Big countries like USA , China and Russia have plan to open seven start hotel at Moon and Mars. So in coming future day , technology will be at peak and it will be a normal thing to travel in space.


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